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Inktober 2016
I'm still doing inktober this year but I'm opting to do batch uploads this year. I'll probably update this file with the next week's drawings when it comes to it.

If you want daily updates you can find them at my instagram:

Fairly happy with the better consistency this year but there is much to be done about bringing my draftsmanship up.
So this is nearing almost a week since the news went public, but hopefully it looks recognizable enough at first glance.

Most Blizzard fans already know about Chris Metzen’s retirement and like many of them it came as a total shock for me. I think we expected another 10 or 20 years before we would even think of him retiring. It’s given me a lot of pause and reflection on my own life this past week.

I remember staring at his and Samwise’s artwork for hours in game booklets, art books, and on their Sons of the Storm website. I remember reading the prose and poetry he had written for Diablo out loud in the car to my less than interested parents. As a teenager I would try to replicate compositions and traditional styles found in his art. Undeniably he had influenced me and sucked me into many different worlds that have still left an impact on me to this day, so I think the least I can do is take a little time out from my day to give something back.

Similar to the gift I drew Samwise last year, I thought giving Metzen the same treatment would be fitting for a tribute. I went through his old art and picked out different elements of armour design he seemed to enjoy and pieced it together. I chose a paladin character in this case because it was/is his favourite D&D class.

So thanks, Chris. Without you I’m sure my life wouldn’t be the same.
This took longer than I had really wanted. I actually did the thumbnail in February and due to outside factors, it took a while to finish.

Hoping to get more personal pieces done.
Another speedpainting from earlier this month, this time of Johanna.

I've been having a lot of fun with different rendering styles and palettes. I feel like I'm getting a lot closer to something I can look back on and enjoy.
I didn't mean for January to not have an update and I wouldn't like to see February go the same fate!

So here's an experimental speedpainting I did earlier this month. I do have bigger personal piece coming but I don't know if it'll be finished in time, so I thought I'd just upload some of the smaller stuff I've done this month.
I'm a bit late for New Years aren't I? Close enough.

2014 was an interesting year, a lot happened but it didn't really feel like it. I was fortunate to celebrate the beginning of 2014 in Germany which was the first time I've ever left the North American continent.

I also started drawing more regularly but more importantly I was doing studies more often which was something I was having a hard time doing for the last couple of years. Art had been too sporadic and unplanned until that point. My activity with art is not where I want it to be but it has been steadily improving and I'm still looking for more ways to enjoy the process and find what I love about it again. Permanoobs opening up to fill the void of sites like CGHub and old school was apart of the continued success with art. It's just so nice to get critiques from other people who are also actively trying to learn and may know more than you.

I think one of the biggest reliefs for me this year was being able to work on bigger work this year. I dipped back into the industry and provided art for a TV series called Biblical Conspiracies, which I believe is the second documentary I've ever worked on and the first TV series I've ever worked on. I'm hoping to get more work going.

I've also had a lot of success with my lifting this year. I may or may not take a course to become a personal trainer for supplemental cash but I'm not sure yet.

So I'm still working to get more art out and posting more here, but first and foremost I want to make sure I'm enjoying art. I have no idea what 2015 is going to be like, I don't have a whole lot planned but I hope it unfolds in a good way.

Have a good one!
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